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Gloucester County Family Law Attorney

Henry Weinfeld is a Gloucester County family law attorney located in Woodbury, NJ along Newton Avenue. His offices are exactly two blocks from the Gloucester County courthouse. Henry is an advocate for families and always asks his clients to put the needs of their children before their own. He works with families that are dealing with issues ranging from adoption to child support. He strongly encourages couples who are going through a divorce to consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is less expensive than divorce litigation and usually produces a similar or more favorable outcome.

Henry’s Gloucester County Family Law Services Include:

• Gloucester County Divorce Law
• Gloucester County Marriage Agreements
• Gloucester County Alimony Cases
• Gloucester County Child Custody Cases
• Gloucester County Adoption Law
• Gloucester County Divorce Mediation
• Gloucester County Domestic Violence Law
• Gloucester County Grandparent’s Rights
• Gloucester County Emancipation
• Gloucester County Wills and Estates