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Goals And Philosophy

The financial drain of a long drawn-out divorce is more than most can afford. Parties either go into debt, or can easily deplete their entire savings in a highly litigated divorce. This is not in your best interest, nor is it in the interest of your loved ones. Work with us, and we will do our best to ensure that your matter is handled as efficiently as possible.

Firm Goals:

  • To fully understand our client’s needs and consider the best interests of their children (if involved)
  • To help our Clients re-establish their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible
  • To represent our Client’s best interests

Firm Philosophy:

  • Honesty, intelligence, respect and cooperation lead to a more efficient and effective outcome
  • An adversarial and retributive approach does not serve the interests of either party, or their children, in a matrimonial dispute
  • When possible, negotiation instead of litigation as an alternative to resolving issues

We believe economical and reasonable outcomes in matrimonial matters are possible! To minimize your legal costs, remember by the following:

  • The emotional impact of a long-fought divorce will take its toll on the parties and their children, the results of which may last for years.
  • It is in your child’s best interest to have both loving parents involved in their lives.
  • It is in your best interest to move on with your life and look forward to a better future.