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South Jersey Spousal Support ( Alimony )

South Jersey Alimony

New Jersey AlimonyIf your spouse is gainfully employed and has been the sole or primary provider during the course of your marriage, or makes substantially more income than you do, you may be eligible for either temporary (pendent lite) support or alimony. In New Jersey Alimony is typically coincident with the final judgment of divorce and, depending on the facts of the case, is awarded for a term of years, or on a permanent basis. We help clients apply for support and ultimately receive payments through wage garnishment via the Probation Division.

In order to get an award of temporary support in New Jersey, we must file a motion on your behalf. We will consider the facts of your case by a close examination of your past and current income and expenses. We will help create a case information statement. We will work together to gather the information, create a certification on your behalf, attach whatever exhibits are needed and file it according to the Court rules. We will represent you in Court for the motion hearing, and since it these cases are fact sensitive, it is suggested that you attend.