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Why We’re Different

If you’ve been looking to hire a New Jersey family law attorney, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in New Jersey Family Law cases. We don’t take personal injury or drunk driving cases.  Many firms will allow you to meet with a senior partner upon initial consultation but will then relegate your case to a junior attorney. In contrast, Henry M. Weinfeld is an experienced attorney who personally handles every case directly. He will meet with you for a flat initial consultation fee and will manage your case with professionalism and attention to detail.

  • We are sensitive to the high cost of legal services
  • We scan documents, use email, and have instant access to all of your information; this efficiency will save you money.
  • We understand complex business models, equity positions, and tax issues to better support our clients.
  • We provide personal service that large firms can’t match
  • We are responsive to your needs
  • We explain all of your legal costs
  • We provide creative and reasonable payment plans
  • We win cases with integrity and intelligence

How to Choose an NJ Family Law Attorney

A recommended course of action would be to visit several Attorneys based on referrals from friends, relatives and the web. Take into consideration cost and convenience. Choose an Attorney whose goals and philosophy are in-line with your own. Finally, choose an experienced attorney that you feel comfortable with and that conveys a sense of knowledge and trust.