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South Jersey Adoption Lawyer

Adoption through the Surrogate’s Court in New Jersey with a South Jersey adoption lawyer can be a complex, time consuming and potentially costly experience. Whether it is a step-parent adoption, adoption by a close relative, or private placement, the rules and procedures must be followed to ensure a successful outcome.

Your South Jersey Adoption Lawyer

Henry M. Weinfeld is an experienced South Jersey adoption lawyer practicing from his private office in South Jersey. His background in family law includes child custody, wills and estates and much more, and his clients appreciate his focus and attention to detail, which is one of several reasons for his excellent Avvo rating. Weinfeld can help you through the legal process of adoption and explain to you what it means for you and your family from a legal standpoint. Your adoption process consists of several steps:

Assessment – We will start with a consultation to provide you with an assessment of your case. We will review your needs, parenting history, and adoption goals. We will uncover any issues that might delay or complicate the adoption process, such as an inability to obtain consent. We will review the process, procedures, timeline, and the expected costs associated with your particular case. You will leave the meeting with a clear plan on how to proceed.

Document Preparation – We will draft your verified complaint for adoption, order upon the preliminary hearing, order fixing the date of the preliminary hearing, certificate of verification, affidavit of valuable consideration, affidavit of circumstances, judgment of adoption and include any related birth records, custody orders, consent orders, and or any documents related to paternity and/or lack thereof. We will act on your behalf to make sure either a preliminary or final agency investigative report is required in addition to a home study or evaluation. We will correspond with the chosen agency to make sure that their work is done in a professional and timely fashion. All of the paperwork will be properly filed and served upon the parties within the appropriate timelines and adhering to the rules of the Court.

Preliminary and Final Hearing – Preliminary hearings are typically scheduled 60 – 90 days from the initial filing. We represent adoptive parents during these hearings to make sure that the judge properly considers the facts of the case in order to make a ruling in your favor. After the judgment of adoption is granted, we will draft or prepare a certified statement of final decree of adoption and application to amend the original birth record to obtain a new birth certificate for your child.

In addition to holding three graduate degrees, Henry Weinfeld attended classes in Leadership Effectiveness Training, KT Decision making, and Situational Negotiation Skills. Clients with complex financial issues benefit from analytical skills learned during his MBA program and practice in private industry. With experience in marketing, technical consulting, team leadership/building, sales and account management, strategic business planning, Henry has developed real world exposure to problems and issues between individuals, groups and corporations.