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South Jersey Prenuptial Agreements

South Jersey Prenuptial Agreements

In New Jersey, if you have been married previously or have acquired property that you would like to preserve in case of divorce, arranging for South Jersey prenuptial agreements will protect your rights and can save you thousands in future litigation costs.

New Jersey Prenuptial Agreements

In a one to two hour comprehensive assessment, we will recap your career, and identify your financial and marital goals. We will review your current expenses, assets, liabilities, and your future needs. We will discuss your spouse’s financial status and the extent to which you may need to support your spouse in the future. We will look at your retirement plans, insurance, and your estate planning. We will discuss custody, guardianship and adoption if appropriate.

We will review conflict resolution in general and the process by which you will resolve disputes in the future. Finally, we will review New Jersey divorce law and discuss what to expect if your marriage fails and there is no other recourse but to get divorced.

Analysis and Recommendations
Depending on the nature of your agreement and what you want to preserve, prenuptial agreements can be complex. Accurate information will best protect your rights.

In a simple example, if you would like to preserve your pre-marital portion of a 401K account, we would require a 401K statement with a balance in that account. In a more complicated case, if you own part of a family owned and operated business, are sole proprietor of your own company, or in a business partnership, a more in-depth review of your assets will be required.

In some cases, outside experts, like forensic accountants may be required to establish the nature and value of your assets in order to best protect them.

Drafting and Signing
Prenuptial agreements must be in writing. It will incorporate all of the issues discussed in your assessment and the legal language to best protect your interests. The agreement must be witnessed and signed by both parties.

Even if the parties agree, an attorney cannot represent future husbands and wives at the same time. We will strongly urge that your future spouse retain the services of a New Jersey divorce attorney to review the document prior to signing it. The parties cannot be threatened, coerced or under duress when signing the document or else it can be rendered null and void. There must be a 2-week waiting period between the signing of the agreement and your wedding to ensure the voluntariness of the signatures. Please plan accordingly!

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