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South Jersey Divorce Mediation

If you’re seeking the services of a South Jersey divorce mediation attorney with the experience and background to resolve your divorce as quickly and peacefully as possible, reach out to attorney Henry M. Weinfeld today. Weinfeld is based in South Jersey, and he has helped resolved many divorce cases in Gloucester County and beyond with his family law experience and background in conflict resolution.

South Jersey Divorce MediationDivorce mediation doesn’t have to be difficult. Divorce or Custody Mediation in New Jersey is most successful when both parties are committed to the process. It can save thousands over a traditional litigated divorce. The option is not available to all divorcing couples because the process requires trust and open communication, both rare when conflict is at its height between the parties.

Many matrimonial cases can be resolved in as little as 5 meetings.  The final product is an Agreement that the parties can take to their respective attorneys for review and filing with the Court. If the parties waive any conflict, there is an option to have us file the divorce complaint and put an uncontested divorce through at a very reduced rate

Proceeding with South Jersey Divorce Mediation

First Meeting
We will provide an overview of the mediation process, answer any questions, determine if the parties agree to the terms of the process and sign off on the retainer agreement. If there is time, we will discuss what the parties have agreed to, up to that point in time.

Second Meeting
We will gather data and address primary custody issues (if children are involved).  Prior to this meeting, clients are required to fill out an on-line individual case information statement to establish the marital lifestyle and current lifestyle and financial requirements. We may determine that outside professionals are needed if marital assets require appraisals. If children are involved, we will find out what issues are critical for the production of a parenting plan.

Third Meeting
We will analyze the financial data.  We will perform an in depth analysis of marital lifestyle included income, expenses, debt service and retirement savings. We will identify any issues regarding the ownership and liquidity of assets including your marital home, valuable personal possessions, investment accounts, options, bonuses, and retirement accounts.

Fourth Meeting
We will determine if Child Support and/or Spousal Support is appropriate considering the facts of your case and current New Jersey Law. Amount and duration will be discussed. If there are children involved, a parenting plan will be created .   We will discuss the division of assets and debts. An agreement in the form of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) is drafted after this meeting.

Final Meeting
We will review the comprehensive MOU and make sure that it represents the decisions made in the prior sessions.  We will discuss the uncontested divorce process and options, assuming that the parties agree to proceed.