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Divorce Attorney in Woodbury NJ

divorce attorney in woodbury nj

Henry Weinfeld is the answer to your search for an affordable and effective divorce attorney in Woodbury, New Jersey. Weinfeld is an experienced, established, and highly rated divorce attorney, who specializes in conflict resolution, divorce mediation, and other ways to keep your costs as low as possible.

As anyone who has been through the process knows, divorce is a highly stressful, emotionally charged time. When it comes to dividing up property and possessions, child custody and other matters, it can become highly contentious…and drag out in court for months or even years. As the ugly fights continue, the attorney and court fees skyrocket, and you could end up paying far more than you should.

New Jersey divorce law and family law is the only thing we do. We offer a very reasonable fixed fee for our initial consultation and our hourly rates are below the state average. In addition, Henry Weinfeld is skilled in both divorce law and on conflict resolution, and he works to keep all parties calm and focused on the end goal. It’s part of the reason for Weinfeld’s excellent Avvo rating.

A Reasonably Priced Divorce Attorney in Woodbury, NJ

We are able to offer our clients professional legal representation in divorce cases at reasonable rates because we work hard to keep our overhead down. Our law offices in Woodbury, NJ are private and comfortable, but we don’t spend your money on expensive artwork and catered lunches. Henry Weinfeld is the only attorney in our practice and he is focused solely on divorce and family law.

The law office of Henry M. Weinfeld is located right here, just steps from the Gloucester County Courthouse. Reach out to our office today and schedule a consultation – Henry Weinfeld is here to represent your side and find solutions that you can afford.

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South Jersey Divorce and Family Law

South Jersey divorce and family law services from New Jersey family law expert Henry Weinfeld can save you and your spouse time and money. If you need a South Jersey family law practice for divorce and family law in South Jersey, contact us immediately.

The South Jersey divorce and family law services provided by our specialists in New Jersey family law are most successful when both parties are committed to the process. Henry Weinfeld and the colleagues at his South Jersey family law firm can save you thousands of dollars with their practice of divorce and family law in South Jersey.

Many South Jersey divorce and family law cases can be resolved in as few as five meetings.  When you need New Jersey family law assistance, or especially South Jersey family law, contact the expert: Henry Weinfeld.  His is the specialist in divorce and family law in South Jersey you can trust.