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Experienced Westville Divorce Attorney

Experienced Westville Divorce Attorney

If your marriage is beyond the point of reconciliation, the next step is very important. Get your experienced Westville divorce attorney with Henry Weinfeld. A trusted and well respected South Jersey family law and divorce attorney located close to you in Woodbury, NJ, Henry has provided legal counsel regarding divorce, custody issues, alimony, child support and any other issues related to family law in Southern New Jersey. On top of the personal strain it will have on your life, the divorce proceedings in the legal arena can offer its own set of challenges. It can be difficult to find a good name in the field that will help you understand the technicalities of how your personal life will be affected by the decision made in court.

With the law offices of Henry Weinfeld, our goals and philosophy is to end the financial drain of a long drawn-out divorce. If not treated with the empathy and fairness needed, parties either go into debt, or can easily deplete their entire savings in a highly litigated divorce. That is not the intention- a sense of normalcy is. We work to fully understand our client’s needs and consider the best interests of their family in order to help our Clients re-establish their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible. At the end of the proceedings, we hop to have represented our clients best interests.

We use a three step system to guide your through what will undoubtedly be a difficult time:

Assessment – Our initial 1-hour consultation will assess possession and control of your marital home, your financial obligations or requirements, your custody and visitation rights, your claim or right to health insurance benefits, your privacy rights and your future outlook.

Document Preparation and Discovery –When we draft your divorce complaint, we make sure that your claims (what you want from your spouse) are preserved if your case ever goes to trial. We get the most accurate information on your spouse’s income, current assets, bank accounts, business assets, short and long term investments, retirement assets, and property holdings should be collected and analyzed. For cases more complex, we use experts in forensics accounting to prepare financial reports. If needed, your spouse will be interviewed.

Negotiation and Trial –  We will either prepare a proposal to share with the other party, or arrange a 4-way conference for clients and attorneys to meet to resolve outstanding issues. The New Jersey court system provides an opportunity for the Parties to resolve their matter and get divorced by scheduling an MESP or matrimonial early settlement panel. We prepare a memo for the panelists and I will argue your case before New Jersey attorneys with years of family law experience. If negotiations at that point fail, the Judge will assign a trial date to resolve your outstanding issues.

If you believe you and your ex can resolve things quickly and easily and are both looking to make the cost of divorce as low as possible, ask Henry Weinfeld about divorce mediation services. With divorce mediation, your divorce can become final in as little as five meetings; and you can save thousands of dollars over a traditional divorce.

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With Henry Weinfeld, you get an experienced Westville divorce attorney, a system design for your convenience, and the reliance of a reputation that proves his method works.