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Gloucester County Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

Gloucester County Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

For an experienced, effective Gloucester County divorce and child custody attorney, contact the office of Henry M. Weinfeld. Weinfeld’s office is just a short distance from the Gloucester County Courthouse in Woodbury, and he helps South Jersey residents finalize divorce and agree on custody arrangements as smoothly as possible, while avoiding expensive and unnecessary trials.

When children are involved especially, divorce can be both financially and emotionally draining. If the two parties cannot agree on terms and draw out the process, they can often deplete their entire savings in court battles and litigation. This is not in the best interest of you or your children. In a divorce and child custody situation, you should seek a family law attorney who can resolve the dispute with as little pain and expense as possible, while still best representing your interests.

Henry Weinfeld works with you directly and will personally look at your case. He will take the time to thoroughly gather evidence and follow Gloucester County legal procedures. He also has a business background that includes team leadership, and he has completed classes in situational negotiation. Child custody issues especially can be emotionally charged; Weinfeld works at keeping both parties calm and moving towards a fair resolution for you and your children.

Weinfeld is also a State Approved Professional Family Law Mediator, and he is skilled in divorce mediation that can save both parties thousands over a traditional divorce. Weinfeld will be prepared to take your case to trial if necessary, but divorce mediation is a far less expensive and less stressful route to finalizing a divorce. Visit our divorce mediation page here to find out more about the process and how you can benefit from a smoother road to agreement.

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If you are seeking a Gloucester County divorce and child custody attorney that can help spare you from unnecessary pain and expenses, contact Henry M. Weinfeld today for an initial consultation. Weinfeld will personally address your case and help you and your children move forward again.