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Free Divorce Lawyers

Free Divorce Lawyers

As you surely know, there’s no such thing as free divorce lawyers. At least, there aren’t any free divorce lawyers that you’d likely want representing you in a courtroom.

But if you and your spouse are no longer able to resolve your differences, and have agreed to divorce, there are ways that you can keep your legal costs down. Divorce will never be free, but you can take steps to keep it from breaking you financially.

One very important thing to consider when hiring your divorce attorney is that attorney’s ability to negotiate through difficult situations, and to keep both parties calm and focused towards the best resolution. Most importantly, you want to avoid the cost of your divorce going to a trial if at all possible. But it’s also costly to drag out the proceedings when neither side is willing to budge on demands.

You also could attempt to end your marriage through divorce mediation. With mediation, you and your ex can agree to resolve the issues and finalize the divorce in as few as five meetings. If both parties are agreeable to mediation, it can save you thousands over a litigated divorce.

Henry M. Weinfeld is a South Jersey family law attorney who is dedicated to keeping his clients’ legal costs as low as possible. His legal and business background includes situational negotiation and leadership effectiveness. Weinfeld’s experience helps him guide his clients to the best and most affordable resolution in divorces, by keeping both sides focused on moving forward.

Weinfeld is also experienced as a divorce mediation attorney, and can guide you through the process of working out solutions regarding financial and child support agreements.

Remember, there are no free divorce lawyers. But there are divorce lawyers that are capable and committed to keeping clients’ costs down. To read testimonials about Henry Weinfeld and how he has helped his clients, have a look at his Avvo reviews here. If you’d like to meet with a divorce attorney who works to keep your costs low, click here to request a consultation.